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Christmas First Night Connects AU to the Community

On Friday, Nov. 30 alumni, students, faculty and staff, families and the wider community will fill Henderson Auditorium to enjoy an artistic celebration of the holidays at Anderson University’s annual Christmas First Night. First Night showcases vocal and instrumental music, dance and theatre from students of Anderson University's South Carolina School of the Arts. The single-night event focuses on bringing family and friends of AU together to rejoice in the true meaning of Christmas.

Nursing Professor's Passion in Serving Immigrant Community

Sanquinette Brownlee, a professor the Anderson University School of Nursing, is confident that everything happens for a reason. Her life has been a series of unexpected and often difficult situations. Now, as an educator and medical professional, Brownlee sees how all broken pieces of her past fit together. When she isn’t teaching, Brownlee serves as a family nurse practitioner and medical director for La Clinica Gratis, a free community clinic in Greenwood, South Carolina. Brownlee said her

Doctoral Graduate Ministers to Native Hmong People

On any given Sunday at Hmong Christian Alliance Church in Winder, Georgia, Dr. Shahlahng Herr is found preaching to his congregation in two languages—Hmong and English—at the same time. A doctoral graduate of Anderson University, Herr has an unconventional way of preaching and a story that exudes God’s faithfulness. “I want to be able to present the Gospel in a way people can understand and open their eyes to Scripture through preaching,” Herr said. “Preaching is one of the gifts God gave me.”

Professor's Shakespeare App Shines Spotlight on Coding Program | Anderson University South Carolina

A few years ago, Dr. James Duncan pored over a lengthy Shakespearian script book, marked with scribbles of adaptations, while attempting to learn his lines. Though his performance was successful, the experience with the paper booklet prompted him to consider a simpler means of memorization. The result is The Shakespeare App. Duncan, a professor of communication at Anderson University, created the mobile application to help actors memorize Shakespeare’s eloquent language—and to eliminate mishaps

So Be It

In the heat of a South Carolina August, I arrived at my new home with too many boxes of clothes and hopeful aspirations for the year ahead. I felt like someone had turned me inside out, jittery from iced coffee, nervousness, and excitement. That night, as I snuggled into a new bed in a new place, I felt small. I didn’t have a name and nobody knew my story. I was starting over. The blank canvas was an exciting reminder of the adventure awaiting, but the unknown felt daunting.

Choosing Him

My eyes heavy, I read over the same line again and again trying to concentrate. In frustration I repeated to myself, “Just one more chapter. Read, pay attention, stay awake.” Reading through Leviticus felt more like reading a boring history textbook than digging into God’s word. I knew deep down that this was an important part of God’s living word, but I felt like the heart of God was buried beneath 27 chapters of not-so-exciting words like “procedures” and “instructions” that seemed to have no application to my faith today.

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